The 4 Things I Do Every Morning To Set The Tone For My Day

I am not what you would classically define as a morning person. I mean, once I’m up, I’m up. It’s the getting up that can be difficult to do. Sometimes I think I have an unhealthy love affair with my bed. It’s just so cozy and comfortable and inviting and it doesn’t judge me even when I have an attitude.  So I try to stay in my bed until the very last minute. If I wake up before my alarm goes off then I rest in the bed until it chimes and maybe I’ll get up within five minutes of turning it off.  Lol. I typically work 6 days a week, 7-12 hours per day.    It can be pretty tough to keep a positive mindset and my energy level up on these days, especially the long ones. I have found if I start with a good morning routine then the long days become more tolerable.


Here's an egg, spinach, feta, and tomato frittata I made on the fly a few weeks ago.

Here's an egg, spinach, feta, and tomato frittata I made on the fly a few weeks ago.

First things first, I start with prayer followed by meditation. I identify what I am grateful for and seek guidance from God to assist me with the day ahead. The prayer can be simple or more in-depth depending on where the spirit leads me and the head space I wake up in. For meditation I use an app called Calm. This free app has daily meditations which are 5-10 minutes called Daily Calm Sessions. Each session has a voice over who instructs you during the meditation and offers you a phrase or word to focus on such as “choose”, “resilience”, and being in the present moment.


Next, I wake up by my five senses. I allow myself to acclimate to the light by opening the shades and gradually lightening the room. If you don’t have black out shades and your room gets a lot of light, you can do this by covering your head with the blanket or using an eye mask.  I will be investing in a diffuser so I can wake up to aromatic scents, until then, I burn a candle or use scented body wash. I make sure to be purposefully mindful of this awakening as it heightens the experience. For touch, I use the water temperature in the shower. As the months are warming, I find it’s better to use a cooler temperature so I feel calm once my shower is complete. You can also use a scented oil as a moisturizer to hit the smell and touch senses.


Once I’m dressed, I make sure to prepare breakfast. I have never been the person to skip breakfast, and I mean never.  You see, the second love affair I have is with food. I need it and it needs me. Plus, they say the most important part of your day is breakfast. I usually make this on the fly-smoothie, protein shake, fried egg sandwich. On the days when I meal prep, I make egg muffins or overnight oats. I am trying to spend less money on eating out but I usually grab breakfast on the go at least once a week.


Finally, I choose my theme music for the day. Sometimes I use a dope-ass playlist and other times I let  Apple music do the choosing for me. Whether it’s 90/2000’s Pop and R&B, gospel, or trap music-I have to listen to music to get my day started.  Music is life. And when I can’t express myself, music finds a way to do it for me. Set the tone by choosing a killer song that’s bound to get you motivated and ready to take on the day!


So that’s it. Well, this list could be much longer but these are the major steps I take to start my day.


As always, honor where you are today and keep it simple!