My First International Solo Trip!

I have been meaning to go on a vacation since like forever. I even toyed with moving overseas to teach for a little bit. To say I need a change in environment is an understatement.  I need to get the heck out of dodge! This ish right here is for the birds! I had the itch and I decided to make it a priority to find some time for rest. 

My last international trip was 3 years ago when I went to Barbados for a wedding. Since then, most of my trips have been to visit family or weekend getaways with a significant other or friends.  Needless to say, my passport doesn’t have many stamps in it so I knew I had to do something. My sister had insisted we go to the Caribbean but none of the deals were working out for our budgets or our pockets. I had decided to put that trip on hold and focus on other things. Until one day I came across a post on IG by one of my fitness gurus.  “Come with me to Bali” it read and provided a link to a website called, The Runaway Experience. *insert heart eyes emoji face*

So I clicked the link and the most beautiful and awe-inspiring photos came onto my screen. There were trees, bungalows, an out of this world view, and a ginormous in-ground pool featured in the pictures. The site let me know I had three options for an 8 day stay in Bali hosted by The Runaway Experience owners. I could choose to focus on self-care, fitness, or food and nutrition. I really wanted to choose fitness and do all the cool exercises with my fitness guru but something about the self-care trip was calling my name. Then I saw the price tag. This trip was out of my budget, hell it was nowhere near the prices I was looking to spend when I was researching that trip to the Caribbean. So I prayed, “Dear Lord, if this trip is meant for me, please make a way for me to pay for this out of pocket. I need this time away.” And for a straight week I looked at those pictures everyday and prayed that same prayer. I annoyed my coworker daily by talking about the trip and inviting her to think about Bali whenever the shift got boring or we were overwhelmed with work. After a few days she says to me, “If you don’t go to Bali then I will! I need you to go so you can share the experience with me when you come back!” That sealed it for me. I sent an email of inquiry to the hosts right then and there! I had a short phone call with the hosts and I found some wiggle room for the deposit in my budget and the rest is history.


So here I am anxiously counting down the days until this adventure. Why go alone? Well I’m not, there are a group of people who are going on this trip with me. I get the opportunity to explore the world and make new connections while doing it. Tell me who is the freaking MVP!?!?! *raises hand*


Stayed tuned for more posts about this trip, how I prepared, my overall experience, what I wore, and more.