I'm Loving Up On My Body With These Four Ways


So I’m jumping all the way into this body positivity thing. In last week’s post, I spoke about how I plan to eat for health and be more intentional about taking care of my body. Like many women, I have spent the bulk of my adult life trying to wish my body away. I would look at pictures of other women and think to myself, “I wish my body was like hers”. Oh, and I was definitely here for the #bodygoals hashtag phenomenon where women identified other women who had their idea of a “perfect” body and would deem them queen of all the bodies. I’m over that shit. For real. God gave me this body and it has been good to me. I have endured several surgeries, injuries, conquered some fears, and pushed myself beyond my perceived limitations. My body is the shit!! I am my own body goal and I don’t care what others have to say about it.

A few months ago, I noticed myself bigging up other women (in my head) when I would see them at the gym, beach, or a social event just getting their whole life and being confident with what God gave them. I now make an effort to verbalize this to women when I see them. There is inspiration in every body (literally and figuratively, lol). It’s just that sometimes, it takes a little effort for me to remember and truly accept this body as being mine and that I could be inspiring someone else just by enjoying what I have.

I have decided to commit to loving my body as is even when it’s bloated, lumpy (yeah I said it, lol), or toned. This is what I’ve got and I must nurture and love it.

Here is what I do to big myself up when I may not be feeling this body so much.


  1. I take some time to stand in the mirror naked. Every. Damn. Day. I brush my teeth naked, I turn on hype music and dance naked, I look at myself naked. I take it all in because it’s all mine. As my eyebrow lady says, “If you like it, I love it!” And love it is what I intend to do. Our mind is already skewed to think of what is wrong so I do a little exercise with myself. I pick out a part of my body which I typically criticize and I love up on it a little more. This is usually my stomach or back. I touch the area and speak kindly to it. I tell it how it serves me well. To my stomach I say, thank you for my core which helps me to balance and walk upright. I tell my back that I love it’s strength and resilience (I was struck with chronic back spasms a few years ago and I have done much work to help this area). I acknowledge the parts I love and then I speak to and love up a little more on the parts I don’t usually speak as kindly to. Doing this helps me to no longer look at my body as something that needs to be fixed. I encourage you to love all up on yourself.

  2. I exercise. I move. I dance. I lift things up and put them down. I make an effort every day to do something for my body. I typically work out 3-6 days a week for the overall health benefit and because exercise is an awesome way to keep a healthy mind. You don’t have to be a fitness expert to go for a walk, stretch, or dance. As my first lady Michelle Obama said, Move!

  3. Stop comparing yourself to the old you. Instead of looking back at old pictures of myself and comparing them to now, I embrace where I am in this moment today. Most of the time when I look at old pictures of a time I thought I was physically fit, I remember I had some insecurities at those points. I acknowledge the insecurity and I ask myself for evidence on its validity. I usually find the insecurity to be baseless. I seek to identify my motivators at the time and use them to motivate me now.

  4. This one may be a bit superficial but I go to the spa. When you look good, you feel good. There’s nothing wrong with getting your hair done, nails done, and everything did. So I invest in my body by having a spa day (if I’m on a budget then I do my own nails and take a bath instead of go to the spa). Something about this helps me to feel rejuvenated and I deem it as self-care.


Let’s chat about the ways you love up on your body and what has helped you to be more body positive.