Is Wellness Trendy?


It seems like every day I get an email or see a post about wellness. Companies are profiting off identifying and projecting what they perceive customers to believe wellness is. With this word coming up more and more, I wondered, is wellness trendy? 


Working in the mental health field and being a woman of color, I have seen the stigma related to mental illness and the terms people throw around when a loved one may be having some emotional difficulties. "Crazy", "out of their mind", "possessed". I mean it get really outrageous with the judgment and labeling. But with so much emphasis on wellness, people are more readily sharing their personal struggles and how they are taking care of themselves. By using the word wellness, there is an understanding that we have a right to be well and we can define what being well looks like to us. Well companies are capitalizing on this and letting consumers know what wellness can look like.

Want improved skin? By this $400 serum that will make you feel good and have you looking younger. Overwhelmed by life? Book a massage or take this lavish vacation. If you google wellness, the first items to come up are product or service based. Further down the page you get a definition of wellness and different ways a person can incorporate wellness practices into their life.

The Balance shared in 2016 that the “Health and Wellness industry is a $3.4 trillion industry”. Say what to the what? This leaves me to believe people are equating wellness with stature, a quick fix, or that they need to seek an external provider to help them take care of themselves. No, no, and no. While some beneficial wellness practices may include getting a service or buying a product, wellness starts from within. It bothers me that we are continuously taught to seek external devices to heal our inner workings.I teach my clients that they have to be able to envision what feeling well looks and feels like for them. What were they doing at the time that they felt well: working, relaxing, spending time with family, did they have money or no money, were they on vacation? You get the drift.

So if Wellness continues to be trendy, then it has the possibility of going out of style. I'm glad wellness is becoming more acceptable and people are vocalizing the efforts they are making for self-care; however, I hope this is one trend that does not pass.


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Stay tuned for more information on self-care and wellness.