What Do I Mean By Simply Being?

How did I come up with simply being? I was thinking of a blog name with my friend Charms and this was one of the top five. I knew I wanted there to be a focus on mental wellness and self-care and I intended for the blog to show my life journey and the lessons I am learning. I wanted to learn what it meant to live, to breathe, to be. And as I reflected on what that meant, it occurred to me that I very often make things more complicated than they need to be. More often that not, things are just not that serious. They are pretty simple until my mind takes over and decides to annihilate and process things to death. So what does it mean to simply be?

Simply being is more than just existing. What if you allowed yourself to truly feel and honor and accept where you are right now? How would that feel?

On my way to Bali, I had a layover in Singapore. When planning my flight situation, I had planned to layover somewhere, use an airport lounge to clean up, and visit the city.  Singapore seemed like a great place to do that. I had 16 hours of time to explore the airport and join in a 2 hour tour. I prepped my Nikon and exited the plane determined. 

I had checked a bag on my first flights and I found out shortly after getting off be second flight that I would have to go through immigration to get my bag. My last flight to Bali was on a different airline and they could not just simply transfer my bag. I could only clear immigration once. "Damn, I hope I can still go on this tour," I remember thinking. I went to the airport lounge and had six hours to kill. I listened to music, watched Netflix, had water and food, took a shower, and just lounged. All the while I kept thinking, "I hope I can go on the tour." 

I left the lounge determined to manifest this thought. I finally found the counter to register for the tour and there was a line. I immediately started to prepare myself for not being able to go on the city tour. It was a first come, first serve basis. I was called to the counter, I explained my sitch about the bag, the woman began to take my name and her phone rang. 

"I'm sorry miss, this tour is full. What time does your flight leave? Can you do the next one?" 

Well no, I couldn't do the next one. You need at least 6 hours in your layover and I didn't have that. I said thank you and walked away. I had planned to do that tour for three months. I wanted to see a new city. Missing this tour could have been a damper to the whole trip. So I walked for a bit. And then I said to myself, " I'm disappointed I didn't get to go on the tour." And bam, that simple acknowledgement freed me from the weight that was on my shoulders. Freed me from the feeling of not only disappointment but of rejection, sadness, lack. And then I was able to find the positive. I always think of something doesn't work out as a planned then maybe God is protecting me from something. I still got a stamp on my passport, i had many hours left to rest and relax, and I could find other ways to fill my time at the airport.

I was reminded of an important lesson. Things may not always work out as I desire them to but there will always be something on the other side. By honoring where I am, I have freedom to choose how I feel and how I deal with what comes my way. And all things work for the good.