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Hey y'all!! I have been having so much fun with this blog, sharing my story, and meeting new people. I try to put out new blogs every week, typically on a Wednesday or Friday. I hope you are enjoying what you are reading and if you haven't already, leave me a comment or follow me on Instagram (I can spend hours on there, lol). 

I recently added a subscribe option so you can get informed about new blog posts and newsletters. Shout out to Ashlei from A Piece of Sunshinee for reminding me about the subscribe option (Check out her blog for lifestyle and travel deets).

 I have so many ideas to bring to ya so I know you'll want to be the first to know!! 

You can subscribe below or on my About page. I'm also interested in knowing what you enjoy about my blog and if you can relate to what I am sharing. This blog is about my life experiences with sprinkles of travel, food, relationship stuff, and a ton of wellness ideas. You guys will be with me as I learn and grow and I am looking forward to knowing more about you. 

So if you're tired of me yapping already, subscribe below, follow/DM me, or email me at simplybeingkryssie@gmail.com.

Hope you're enjoying this beautiful Saturday! 

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