W.E.L.L. Summit 2017!

2017 W.E.L.L. Summit Stage

2017 W.E.L.L. Summit Stage

W.E.L.L.Summit 2017

I attended the 2017 Well Summit this past November and though this post is a little late, I wanted to kick off the year by sharing my first experience as a blogger at a wellness event. I had seen the conference advertised previously but didn’t really look into it. It wasn’t until my friend, Koya Webb, told me she would be speaking at the event, that I checked it out. I found it was right in line with what this blog is about and my current life state.

W.E.L.L. stands for Wellness. Empowerment. Learning. Luxury. The organization’s tag line for the event is “a curated conference promoting a 360 view of wellness”.

The website states, “We conduct events for self-improvement.   We’ve created a life-changing experience for those seeking self-improvement and welcome all who are as passionate as we are about living well. From beauty bloggers and wellness professionals to those looking to learn more about the ever-expanding realms of inner beauty/peace of mind, clean eating, of-the-moment fitness trends, making informed consumer decisions and exploring the now covetable field of green beauty, this is the place of inspiration.”

Pretty dope vibe, right? So I bought a one-day ticket for the Friday session and made my way to NYC. I went with a couple of my home-girls I met in Bali (see that post here). So let’s get into it.

The venue:

First of all, the space was lovely. I enjoyed that it was open and exuded a warm energy. There were three sections of 12 rows and we had a good view of the stage. There was also areas with natural light, perfect for snapping photos.

well summit style

The vendors:

Can I tell you, I enjoyed every single one of those vendors who had the snacks. There was no formal meal at the summit and I neglected to eat prior to the event so I partook in all of the snacks. I was also thankful for the hefty amount of samples and full-size products that were given away.

The vibe:

I met some of the most beautiful women at this conference. Every one was so open to talking and sharing information. I exchanged social media contact with several ladies who I hope to see again in the future. There definitely was a spirit of unity, openness, and empowerment.

The speakers:

While I was partial to Koya and “Mama Glow” Latham Thomas, I was also interested to see what the other speakers had to share. I took so many notes on my iPhone. Many many gems were given. What I enjoyed most about the speakers was their transparency and engagement with the attendees. They shared their personal journeys to self and wellness without hesitation and for that I am thankful. Here are a few of the quotes from each of the speakers.

Chair yoga and meditation to start off the day!

Chair yoga and meditation to start off the day!

Latham Thomas opened the day with a meditation

“What do you want to nourish? What do you want to grow? Plant the seed. This moment is a divine and holy experience.”

Sara Divello

“Live each day fully with big audacious dreams. To honor the gift we have been given of another day.”

Kathryn Budig and Kate Fagan

“We think success creates happiness and this is one of the reasons we become addicted to success and give up a core value. The quest for success ebbs and flows. Be open.”


well summit books

Live W.E.L.L. Panel with Koya Webb, Latham Thomas, Josh Rosebrook

“Wellness is finding out what works well for you at this moment in your life. Are you living from a place that is well for you?”

“Awareness is being mindful of how we are talking to ourselves. That is how we begin to transform and raise our frequency.”

“To be well: cultivate, nourish, nurture, forgive, embrace yourself”

Agape Stassinopoulos

“When we partner with the divine within us, we are able to connect with our souls and the spirits of others. Don’t always want to get more. Become more. Who you are is extraordinary.”

“Be here for you. Show up for you. Don’t wait for anyone to give you permission.”

The Live W.E.L.L Party:

The party was included in the ticket but was also available for others who could not attend the full event. There more vendors, music, book signings, and plenty of spaces for awesome pictures. I had my fill of Kombrewcha, packed my own trail mix provided by Navitas, got a manicure by tenoverten, had some more snacks and food samples (shout out to Cava for their hummus and pita bread!!), and mingled with other wellness enthusiasts and journeyers.

Overall, W.E.L.L. Summit provided me with encouragement, empowerment, and reminded me to be intentional about taking care of myself. Not to mention this dope swag bag (seen below) filled with goodies. I’m looking forward to other W.E.L.L. Summit events in 2018. 

well summit bag

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